Showcasing Portland Neighborhoods

Bernhardt Swisstrust Appraisal Hawthorne District - Southeast Portland

Hawthorne District – This District is a tourist hot spot and the go-to place for locals to relax. Live music, street performers and old style theatres, and some 30 independent restaurants serving every type of food you can think of, and some you probably can’t, but will fall in love with once you try.

Alberta District – Funky and eclectic neighborhood in Oregon, nowhere else comes close. You can be yourself around others who are doing the same. Original personalities, original art and an atmosphere you can’t get anywhere else. Portland’s version of Venice Beach and it’s all yours.

Bernhardt Swisstrust Appraisal Portland Neighborhoods Alberta Arts-Bernhardt Swisstrust Appraiser in Portland Oregon
Bernhardt Swisstrust Appraisal Portland Neighborhoods Pearl District 250 x 168

Pearl District – “The Pearl” is home to up-and-coming millennials, and lots of artists. There is a business start-up contingency too. You will find great places to eat and lots of culture – art galleries and constant art exhibits. The Powell’s Books bookstore is now a landmark – it’s literally a block in itself!

Sellwood District – Surrounded by beautiful parks, and scenic viewing opportunities. On the weekends you’ll find folks out “antiquing” and looking to find unique treasures. Indeed, many of the old homes there are antiques themselves. Even the Sellwood Bridge is an antique.

Bernhardt Swisstrust Appraisal Portland Neighborhoods Sellwood 250
Bernhardt Swisstrust Appraisal Portland Neighborhoods Nob Hill 250

Nob Hill NW District – Abundant in parks and rich in wealth and culture. Upscale eateries and fine restaurants abound. There are Beautiful homes, mansions, condos and apartments with 95% of folks living within half-mile from a park. Hiking and biking in Forest Park is so scenic it takes your breath away.

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