How Does a Home Appraisal Work?

How Does a Home Appraisal Work?2017-05-02T14:29:56+00:00

Step 1

We agree on the terms and scope of the appraisal

There are many different uses and types of appraisals, and if I can save you money by selling you a less expensive appraisal that suits your needs, I would like to offer that.


We schedule the on-site property appraisal inspection

I will measure, ask questions, take pictures and notes, and get a feel for the condition and quality of your home. After the appraisal inspection, I will look at relevant comparable properties in your neighborhood, both sales and listings.


We confirm our data, and begin preparation of the report

When the appraisal report is complete, we will email it to you in a PDF file, which is the typical format for the industry.