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Home Appraisal and Divorce


Home Appraisal and Divorce

Home appraisals, for any use, usually cause a bit of discomfort and distress, with the homeowner hoping for a favorable outcome, unsure of who is going to actually perform the appraisal, and uncertainty about how unfinished projects and minor repairs will affect the value. When it comes to divorce, they can be even more nerve-wracking, as the parties to the divorce’s lives are being torn apart, and their assets are exposed to scrutiny, swinging in the wind, with strangers determining the outcome.

We are aware of the divorce stressors, and try to mitigate the pain for both sides through mature interactions, and mindful procedures. Divorce is a serious decision. Emotions are high, and people’s futures are at stake. Our work is transparently and credibly prepared, according to the guidelines of the USPAP. Our owner, Nathan Bernhardt, personally guarantees a quality process and review on every divorce appraisal performed.

We work with homeowners and attorneys directly, in order to communicate effectively, and shorten the process of appraisal completion. The efficiencies we utilized, include smart, inexpensive, mobile-technologies and low-overhead mandates (mostly related to staff and location), which allow us to offer appraisals at a lower cost than our competitors.  We will provide a superior analysis, at a lower price.

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  1. Gay Windley September 16, 2013 at 11:10 am - Reply

    I think this is the hardest part of appraising. Because in this case, you do not really know what decision you will be stand off because of the emotions you feel inside the home you appraised. Basically just right decision to consult experts before the appraised. Great post!

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