For Sale By Owner Appraisal

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Are you planning on selling your home by yourself?

Knowing the best price to ask for their home is the #1 problem for the homeowners who decide to sell their own home. Not knowing the value of your home before you put it up for sale can cost you thousands in time and money.

Bernhardt Residential Real Estate Appraisal Service - Divorce Appraiser Specialist in Portland, Oregon

A professional appraisal ensures you know the right price to list your home and what repairs can add value. You will sell your home faster, make more money, have a greater piece of mind and experience less stress by knowing when to accept or reject an offer.

13% of owners said “Selling within the planned length of time was a major problem. Having an accurate, professional appraisal ensures you list at the right price.

  • The right price means the home doesn’t sit on the market because it’s overpriced.
  • The right price means you don’t lose money because your home is underpriced.

Bernhardt Appraisal has 25 years of experience working directly with homeowners selling their own homes.

We offer a transparent process, credible methods and an accurate value of your home. We treat everyone’s home as if it were ours.

Knowing the true value of your home will ensure you get a fair price and cut down on the uncertainty of when to accept or reject an offer.

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