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Divorce and Home Appraisal

Home appraisals, for any use let alone divorce, usually cause a bit of discomfort and distress, with the homeowner hoping for a favorable outcome, unsure of who is going to actually perform the appraisal, and uncertainty about how unfinished projects and minor repairs will affect the value. Appraisals for divorce can be even more nerve-wracking, as the parties’ lives are being torn apart, and their assets are exposed to scrutiny, swinging in the wind, with strangers determining the outcome.

Bernhardt Appraisal is aware of the divorce stressors, and tries to mitigate the pain for both sides through mature interactions, and mindful procedures. It’s a serious decision. Emotions are high, and people’s futures are at stake. Our appraisals are transparently and credibly prepared, according to the guidelines of the appraisal profession, known as USPAP. Nathan Bernhardt, the owner and appraiser at Bernhardt Appraisal, personally guarantees quality appraisal process and review on every appraisal performed.

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Divorce Resource in Portland, Oregon

We know many people in the midst of a divorce sometimes need an appraiser to find the value of a mutual possession. Of course, there are many other needs when going through a divorce that are associated with matters that are legal in nature. We have put together a selection of sources we feel may be useful.

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Divorce NEWS for Oregon

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The appraisal process can be confusing and difficult at the time of a divorce. Nathan says his job is to connect with you, and simplify the process for you. At Bernhardt Appraisal, the number one job as a real estate appraiser is to be credible.

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