Collaborative Divorce Appraisal

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Save Money and Time on your Collaborative Divorce Appraisal!

Bernhardt Residential Real Estate Appraisal Service - Divorce Appraiser Specialist in Portland, Oregon

Why Make War When a Rational Transaction Will Provide More Value for Both Parties?

Bernhardt SwissTrust’s, Bernhardt Appraisal, is uniquely positioned to authentically support the ideals and intent of neutral collaborative divorce appraisal services.

Our Swiss ideals of swift, intelligent resolution, neutrality, and accountability play well with providing collaborative divorce professionals accurate estimates of real estate value.

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The appraisal process can be confusing and difficult at the time of a Divorce. Nathan says his job is to connect with you, and simplify the process for you. At Bernhardt Appraisal, the number one job as a real estate appraiser is to be credible.

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Bernhardt Appraisal is proud to be associated with these reputable institutions.