Should You Make Repairs Before Your Divorce Appraisal?

Should You Make Repairs Before Your Divorce Appraisal? If you have ever held your breath during a home appraisal, you are not alone. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, the process can be stressful. If you are the seller, you likely want to unload your home and move on. If you [...]

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Real Estate Appraisal for Your Bankruptcy

Having to file for bankruptcy is a sobering experience. It can be fraught with confusion and embarrassment and an unsettling feeling of “now what?” You may not have seen this coming as you worked hard and planned for your stable future. No doubt a number of factors got you into this [...]

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Real Estate Appraisal for your Divorce

A divorce is never – or very rarely – a happy thing. The emotions that went into deciding to take this life-changing step can be overwhelming. And it can often seem that once you have made that momentous decision the procedures and details that follow are crushing. You will need help, and we [...]

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