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We focus on honest, effective communication to ensure that we properly engage and understand the specifics of your residential appraisal.

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See if you qualify? Go to the $199 Home Appraisal Page to get started. Often, a $199 Home Appraisal, performed by a certified residential appraiser here in Portland, may be the right option for your unique appraisal needs.

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Bernhardt SwissTrust Appraisal performs residential real estate appraisals in Portland and the surrounding Portland Metro Area. We are certified appraisers and know that when needing an appraisal for attaining the value of your home or property is unique every time. As well as the reasons you may need an appraisal, whether it be a divorce, bankruptcy, property tax appeal, planning for purchase or estate planning, tax/IRS concerns, is also very unique. We can help!

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Divorce Appraisal

A home appraisal or property appraisal when going through a divorce will usually cause a bit of discomfort and be a stressful time in a person’s life… 

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Probate Proceedings

There are many situations when an appraisal of personal property is needed for probate and estates such as Estate Tax, Equitable Distribution, Establish a..

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An appraisal may be needed when you are going through a bankruptcy. We work with homeowners and attorneys directly, in order to communicate effectively…

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Tax/IRS Appraisal

The IRS requires Real Estate appraisals in many instances such as estate filings, inheritance, gifts, and even real estate donations. The State of Oregon…

Bernhardt Swisstrust Appraisal Attention to Detail

Property Tax Appeal

We have specialized in Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas counties, though we can help with this process throughout the State of Oregon.

Bernhardt Swisstrust Appraisal Realtor Reasonable Care

Estate Planning

For estate planning appraisals first, put your mind and wallet at ease, the costs of appraisals are deductible expenses on estate tax returns and sometimes..

Bernhardt Swisstrust Appraisal Speed

Date of Death

An appraisal in a Date of Death circumstance, can be emotionally and physically draining. With the paperwork, logistics, family dynamics…

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Planning for Purchase

Deciding on a real estate purchase for your personal home does not need to involve uncertainty. We also specialize in investment properties…

Bernhardt Swisstrust Appraisal Tools

FSBO – For Sale By Owner

Planning on selling your home by yourself? Knowing the best price to ask for their home is the #1 problem for the homeowners who decide to sell their…

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Bernhardt SwissTrust Appraisal specializes
in appraisals that are derived from an impending divorce. Having invested considerable time and energy in the last 20+ years in Oregon Divorce Law. Our firm also focuses on Probate Appraising and is a leading Estate Planning Appraiser as well as the see Divorce Appraiser in the Greater Portland Area.

Bernhardt Appraisal is proud to be associated with these reputable institutions.

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 Our Team

Nathan Bernhardt was just 21 years old when he began following in his father’s footsteps as a residential real estate appraiser. He is a Portland native with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from the University of Oregon and Portland State University. As an Eagle Scout, a Veteran, and a preferred real estate appraiser, Nathan is bringing his knowledge, neutrality, and trustworthiness into the realm of real estate.

Nathan Bernhardt

Terry is an Appraisal Institute qualified Instructor for residential courses and seminars. He has qualified as an adjunct real estate faculty member of Marylhurst University, Portland State University, and other local community colleges. Terry is committed to living and working in a culture of service, where consensus will accomplish much more than control. The proponent of unity: the unity of purpose, the unity of organization, and unity of profession. Synergy is the ultimate force-multiplier. Proud husband, father, grandfather.

Terry Bernhardt JD, SRA, AI-RRS

“I believe my focus, organization, and work ethic are elements that have helped me throughout my career. I have developed various product and training presentations that utilize differing Sales and personnel relation strategies. My firm belief in the role of management should be as mentors and coaches. Development of personnel, organization, and most importantly, process, is key to the success of a company.

Matthew Ferrua

“There is great reward in being a part of a business’s success! My focus with Bernhardt Swisstrust is to propel growth within the digital space in the website and social properties as well as build the overall marketing foundation with precise and deliberate decisions and actions. I specialize in website development, graphic design, SEO, SERP, SEM and providing each and every project with a unique & specialized approach.”

Michael Payne

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