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Nathan Bernhardt of Bernhardt Appraisal has been assisting with appraisals in Willamina, Oregon for over 20 years. Nathan understands that good communication is vital in the process of producing a quality appraisal. Nathan takes every opportunity to ensure each appraisal, whether it is for divorce, bankruptcy, property tax appeal, or estate planning, is done with the utmost professionalism.

Willamina is a small city with a ton of character! It is in both Polk County and Yamhill County. The communities of Shipley and Sheridan are to the east, and Valley Junction is to the west. The community was named for Willamina Creek, which was named for pioneer Willamina Williams. The town was founded in 1879 with the building of a grist mill and sawmill. In 1907, the Pacific Face Brick Company moved to Willamina, where it was renamed Willamina Clay Products, producing decorative bricks favored by northwest regional architects.

Willamina has gone by many names over the years, such as ‘The Little Town with the Big Payroll’, ‘ The Gateway to the Coast’, ‘TimberTown’, and even ‘Brickburg’. We have settled on ‘Timber Town USA’ and it is perfectly fitting! There are many companies in Willamina that work the areas timber including Hofenbredl Timber and Hampton Affiliates.

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