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Nathan Bernhardt of Bernhardt Appraisal has been assisting with appraisals in Warren, Oregon for over 20 years. Nathan understands that good communication is vital in the process of producing a quality appraisal. Nathan takes every opportunity to ensure each appraisal, whether it is for divorce, bankruptcy, property tax appeal, or estate planning, is done with the utmost professionalism.

Warren is a small but beautiful community in Columbia County, Oregon, located on U.S. Route 30 north of Scappoose and south of St. Helens on Scappoose Bay of the Columbia River.

Warren post office was established in 1885; it was named by local resident James Gill for his hometown of Warren, Massachusetts. The post office was discontinued in 1888, but reestablished in 1890 as “Gilltown” because there was another post office named Warren in Umatilla County. The Columbia County office became Warren again in 1895, and the Umatilla County office was closed in 1902;  the locality in Umatilla County is now known as Myrick.

With Scappoose Bay just ‘a stone’s throw away’ and the Columbia River so close, there is a plethora of recreational water entertainment and excursions happening the year round. From the Marine Park Nature Trail for hiking and sightseeing to kayaking and canoeing, the water lover has much to appreciate.

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