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Nathan Bernhardt of Bernhardt Appraisal has been assisting with appraisals in Rhododendron for over 20 years. Nathan understands that good communication is vital in the process of producing a quality appraisal. Nathan takes every opportunity to ensure each appraisal, whether it is for divorce, bankruptcy, property tax appeal, or estate planning, is done with the utmost professionalism.

Rhododendron, in Clackamas County, is one of the pulchritudinous communities that make up the Villages at Mount Hood located within the Mount Hood Corridor between Government Camp and Zigzag. As part of the community that bases Mt. Hood and the seasonal skiing and snowboarding, Rhododendron has many charming accommodations in close proximity. There are several lodges and cabins to choose from.

A post office was established in the area in 1909 and named “Rowe” after Henry S. Rowe, a mayor of Portland, Oregon who was interested in developing the state’s scenic attractions. In 1917 the office was renamed “Zig Zag” and shortly thereafter “Zigzag”. (The name was later reused for the post office in the current community of Zigzag.) In 1920 the office was renamed “Rhododendron” because of the large number of rhododendrons growing near there. The community started out as a summer resort colony, but with the increased popularity of skiing, it became a year-round settlement.

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