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Rainier is a picturesque city in Columbia County, Oregon located on the south bank of the Columbia River across from Washington State. This area shares an amazing variety of history; including the ‘Lewis & Clark Trail’ and a view of our namesake Mount Rainier and the impressive view of the northwest volcano, Mt. St Helens. The Columbia County frontage of the Columbia River offers some of the best Sturgeon Fishing year around, and also perfect for camping and water recreations.

Within the years of 1805 & 1806, prior to the founding of Rainier, it is recorded that Lewis and Clark passed through the area at Prescott Beach and camped at a location near Goble, Oregon.  Landmarks are situated there to recognize the occurrences.

Charles E Fox founded the City of Rainier in 1851; although he did not plat the townsite until 1855.  Fox was also known as Rainier’s first postman; although we did not officially have an established Government Post Office until 1863, when it was begun by Dean Blanchard.

Rainier originally went by the name of Eminence, was changed to Fox’s Landing, and then finally to Rainier on January 5, 1952.  The name Rainier comes from Mount Rainier, located in Northern Washington, but visible from the hills around the city.

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