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Portland is the “The City of Roses”, the largest city in Oregon and the second largest city in the Pacific Northwest. Portland is about an hour from the Pacific Coast on the northern border of the state of Oregon, straddling the Willamette River just south of its confluence with the Columbia River. About 50 miles to the east lay majestic Mount Hood, which forms the perfect backdrop for Portland’s awe inspiring skyline. The city is noted for its scenic beauty, great outdoors environment, a large number of microbreweries, and its eco-friendly urban planning policies.

Environmentally friendly practices, such as recycling and an extensive public transportation system are part of the culture here and fuel many progressive city planning practices, such as an urban growth boundary, which have made Portland a relatively compact city.

The city bestows a blend of historic and modern architecture and many beautiful parks including Forest Park and Washington Park in the hills west of Downtown offer a variety of plants, trails, and wildlife near the city. Vistas of Mt. Hood and the Willamette River, stately Douglas fir trees, and roses and trees at every turn give the city stunning seasonal color.

As you might expect, being in the Pacific Northwest, there is abundant rainfall in the fall, winter, and spring. When the sun comes out Portlanders will often opt for the shorts and sandals.

A bit of Portland’s history… In 1851, Portland was formally incorporated and was growing rapidly; its proximity to the rivers, which funneled a trade with San Francisco to the south, combined by the local fishing, lumber, and agriculture industries fueled Portland’s early growth. The railroad arrived in the 1880s, and for a time Portland was the largest city on the west coast north of San Francisco; however the Klondike Gold Rush and the arrival of the railroad to Washington State meant Seattle quickly eclipsed Portland’s growth.

Portland persisted as a booming railroad, lumber and steel town for several decades. During the 1970s, however, Portland began to gain a reputation for progressive urban planning practices, adopting policies such as an urban growth boundary and constructing new parks in a push to maintain the central neighborhoods as active places in light of suburban development. Through the 70s and into the 80s, Portland became a center for “counter-culture,” growing into a hub for punk and indie rock music, zine publishing, and activist movements. The dot-com boom of the 90s brought an influx of modern tech companies along with the so-called “creative class”, who remained even after the economic bubble burst. By this point, the city’s progressive policies and politics had won the city a special status among urban designers, environmentalists, and political activists as a very forward-thinking city, which has only fueled further growth and development of the metropolitan area.
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