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Mist is an unincorporated community in Columbia County, Oregon. It is named for the atmospheric conditions of the Nehalem Valley. On July 6, 2001, the Mist store, which was built in 1874, caught fire and was destroyed. Until then, it was the oldest continuously operating business in Oregon, offering food and hardware and displaying historic newspaper clippings and antique logging equipment on the walls.

Mist is a crossroads community where Oregon Route 47 turns north to Clatskanie, Oregon, and a pioneer trail, (Burn Road), crossed the Nehalem River and went south to Vernonia. It is the eastern terminus of Oregon Route 202. The Nehalem River valley widens between Mist and Jewell, and was favored by the Native American tribes of the area for hunting; it was later favored by early European American settlers for agriculture.

Although the area is now sparsely settled, it is notable for having the largest operating sawmill in Columbia County and also geological conditions lending themselves to natural gas storage.[citation needed] Mist contains one of the very few, and therefore very valuable, natural gas storage areas in the Pacific Northwest. It operates unobtrusively on a hill near Mist.

Earlier in the 20th century, Mist was an important logging center, complete with a railroad. Though still important in terms of logging, the population today is sparse, and there is no longer a railroad.

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