Portland, Oregon Homeowner Gives House to Appraiser, Free and Clear, as Thanks for a Great Home Appraisal!

Bernhardt Real Estate Appraisal 

January 28, 2014

Portland, OR

Nathan Bernhardt, of Bernhardt Appraisal, in Portland, OR, received a big New Year’s surprise, this week in the form of a free house. In early January, Mr. Gary Geben had hired Mr. Bernhardt to perform an appraisal to determine market value, for a potential listing of the home, in Southwest Portland.  According to Mr. Geben, Mr. Bernhardt finished the appraisal in 48 hours, as promised, and did a fantastic job comparing the home to similar houses, and explained himself very competently. Mr. Geben also added that Mr. Bernhardt showed up on time, was dressed professionally, had a great attitude, was familiar with the area, and asked very pertinent questions.

“It had to be done”, added Mr. Geben, “Nathan Bernhardt nailed that appraisal analysis, and I wanted to give him a gift worthy of his efforts!” 

What did Mr. Bernhardt think about his new property? “It was the right thing to do.”, said Bernhardt. “You cannot overlook an appraisal analysis, like the one I performed for Mr. Geben.” He added, “I think this will likely be a new trend as appreciation for residential real estate appraisers is at an all-time high!”

The neighbor, Jan Jones, was also considering donating her home to Mr. Bernhardt for taking such great care of the Geben family, and the ideals of the appraisal profession. “We strongly believe in rewarding great work”, said Ms. Jones.

Nathan Bernhardt has over 20 years of appraisal experience, bolstered by his home investing experiences (nearly 40 homes), and residential / commercial mortgage industry experience.

All characters, names and incidents in this write up are entirely fictitious… but not entirely improbable given the incredible attentiveness and impeccable professionalism Nathan Bernhardt infuses into every real estate appraisal he provides.




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