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Estacada (pop. 2,695 in 2007) sits on the right bank of the Clackamas River, just 30 miles from downtown Portland. The name, pronounced Esta-CAY-da, comes from a Spanish word for staked out, as territory, and may have been borrowed from Llano Estacado in Texas.

The town was founded in 1905 as a camp for workers building Cazadero Dam—a power plant to generate electricity for Portland street lights. Because the river was not easily accessible by road, the Oregon Water Power Railway Co. carried freight and construction crews by rail. The railway then became an excursion line for city folks who picnicked at the riverside park and lodged at the Estacada Hotel.

When paved roads reached the town and penetrated deeper into the woods, Estacada became a mill town. Log trucks rumbled through town one after another in the 1950s and 1960s with logs so big that three of them often made a load. In the boom times you could smell and hear the saw mill day and night. If the mill shut down or the trucks stopped rolling, it was Sunday. –Robin Cody

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