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Brightwood is an unincorporated community within the Mount Hood Corridor in Clackamas County, Oregon, United States. It is located between Wemme and Sandy just off of U.S. Route 26 at an elevation of 1165 feet (355 meters). It is one of the communities that make up the Villages at Mount Hood.

Oregon, indeed the entire Northwest, has reached the age where centennial celebrations are commonplace.

So the fact that little Brightwood, just off the beaten path to and from Mount Hood, threw itself a centennial celebration May 6th might seem of little interest to outsiders. But several factors set Brightwood's party apart.

A post office called "Salmon" was established in the area in 1891, named after the nearby Salmon River. The post office was renamed Brightwood in 1910. The name Brightwood was said to have been coined by a local resident, Mr. Alcorn, for the pleasing effect of the sun shining on the cottonwood trees in the spring.

Brightwood today consists of three businesses: A general store, a tavern, and a Mountain property rental office which resides in the former Post Office Building.

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