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The Birk - Birkenfeld Country Store     Home in Birkenfeld, Oregon on Fishhawk Lake

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Nathan Bernhardt of Bernhardt Appraisal has been assisting with appraisals in Birkenfeld, Oregon for over 20 years. Nathan understands that good communication is vital in the process of producing a quality appraisal. Nathan takes every opportunity to ensure each appraisal, whether it is for divorce, bankruptcy, property tax appeal, or estate planning, is done with the utmost professionalism.

Birkenfeld is an unincorporated community in Columbia County, Oregon, United States, in the Nehalem Valley on Oregon Route 202 between Jewell and Mist.

German immigrant Anton Birkenfeld settled in the Nehalem Valley in 1886 and founded Birkenfeld in about 1910. Birkenfeld’s post office was founded in 1916, bringing much-needed mail service on a more local basis. As of 2010, the Birkenfeld post office has been closed permanently. Although mail can still be addressed directly to the defunct post office, the community has a Clatskanie ZIP code, 97016 and all mail directed toward Birkenfeld is automatically redirected there.

As of the 1990s the community had a store, a café, a tavern, a garage, and a church.

‘The Birk’ is one of Birkenfeld’s oldest and favorite establishments. ‘The Birk’ has live music on the weekends where Riverbend202 Productions books talent from the greater Portland area and remember to stop by at The Birkenfeld Country Store and Café’ to enjoy our custom made Smokehouse Burgers for lunch from Wednesday through Saturday from 9am to 4pm and Sundays 10am to 2pm. Always remember and never forget “we will treat you so many ways you will have to like one of them.”

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